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01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run

Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD, & DEV/OPS have been the buzz words for the last several years. You will be seeing this in more often in the job requirements as well. 21 Docker interview questions & answers | DevOps & CI/CD Interview Q&As

Pre-requisite: Docker is installed on your machine for example:

Mac OS X

Linux systems


Find online instructions like: install-docker-on-windows-10

Step 1: Create a folder “

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02: Docker Tutorial – Inspect the container

This extends the 01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run Keep the container running Docker containers are designed to shut down immediately after initial CMD or ENTRYPOINT command is run. To make it keep running you can change the last line to Delete all stopped containers -a for –all...

03: Docker Tutorial – Java & Maven with a jar file

This extends the 01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run Maven pom.xml The file Create src/main/java folder Maven requires .java files to be in the folder src/main/java folder. So create the folder and move com/myapp/* under that as shown in the above diagram. … Read more ›...

04: Docker Tutorial – mount a host directory in a Docker container

mount a host directory into a Docker container so that the folders & files in the host will show up in the Docker container after building the dockerfile. There are a couple ways you can do this. Option 1: ADD In this approach, any changes made to this directory on...

05: Docker Tutorial – Client & Server on separate containers & networking

In this tutorial, let’s run a Java socket client & a server in two separate Docker containers. Both the client & server are continuously run, and networked by creating a Docker network. Dockerfile.client Note that “myserver” in the CMD is the name we will be giving to the...

06: Docker Tutorial – Spring boot application

Step 1: Go to ““, and create a skeletal Spring project. Type “web” in the “search dependencies to add” and fill the “group” and “artifact” fields as shown below. Step 2: Click on the “+” button to add and then on the “Generate Project”, … Read more ›...

07: Docker Tutorial – Spring boot with Docker maven plugin

This tutorial extends the 06: Docker Tutorial – Spring boot application. In the previous tutorial the Dockerfile has the jar filename & the version. Every time the version changes the Dockerfile has to be changed. Also, we have to manually type the Docker commands by opening a terminal. … Read...

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