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02: Creating AWS EC2 instances tutorial step by step

Step 1: Log into your AWS Management Console [ ] and select “EC2” from “Services -Compute -EC2”. On these EC2 servers you can later host Web applications servers or multi-node Hadoop clusters. More and more organizations are hosting their applications on AWS infrastructures. EC2 stands for Elastic Cloud Computing.

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02: Docker Tutorial – Inspect the container

This extends the 01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run Keep the container running Docker containers are designed to shut down immediately after initial CMD or ENTRYPOINT command is run. To make it keep running you can change the last line to Delete all stopped containers -a for –all...

02: Drools tutorial — A non trivial example with step by step instructions

Drools allow you to externalize business rules to a database, excel spreadsheet, etc. In this tutorial let’s look at an OrderItem scenario where  each OrderItem needs to be put through a couple of rules to determine its discounted price. Step 0: Dependency jars an structure Step 1: … Read...

02: Getting started with Jenkins Multibranch pipeline on Docker tutorial

This extends 01: Getting started with Jenkins on Docker tutorial. In this tutorial we will be using Jenkins to “checkout” an existing Scala project from “GitHub” repository, and then build the project using Maven. … Read more ›...

02: JasperReports generating an Excel file

This is an extension to the JasperReport step by step tutorial (Part-1) to demonstrate how to generate a Excel file from the To generate an Excel file, you  need Apache POI as a dependency. Here are the Maven dependency files required. Now, … Read more ›...

02: Java 8 Streams, lambdas, intermediate vs terminal ops, and lazy loading with simple examples

A stream is an infinite sequence of consumable elements (i.e a data structure) for the consumption of an operation or iteration. Any Collection<T> can be exposed as a stream. It looks complex, but once you get it, it is very simple. The operations you perform on a stream can either...

02: JAXB with StAX Tutorial step by step for unmarshalling

This tutorial extends JAXB Tutorial for XML processing in Java step by step – unmarshall & marshall

When to use JAXB with StAX?

When you want to process large XML files, reading the whole file into memory can cause “OutOfMemoryError” as discussed in Java String &

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