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01: Install Kubernetes (i.e. minikube) on Mac

Learn Docker first. Getting started with Docker. Learn the Kubernetes basics at Kubernetes & Docker interview Questions & Answers Pre-requisites: brew is installed: Homebrew Homebrew Cask Docker Download and install Docker for Mac. Virtualization support Check if your system supports VT-x/AMD-v virtualization by running this command: If the command returns...

02: Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a node js service

This extends Install Kubernetes (i.e. minikube) on Mac. Project Structure Step 1: Create a new “project” foleder “minikube-js” under the projects folder. In that folder create minikube-js/server.js file. Step 2: Create the “ … Read more ›...

03: Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a spring boot microservice app

This extends Kubernetes (i.e. Minikube) – deploy a node js service. Docker containers & Kubernetes for deploying Spring Boot microservices. As mentioned earlier in Kubernetes, Docker & Microservices interview Questions & Answers. Docker gives you application isolation, and solves the dependency hell issues. … Read more ›...

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