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04: As a Java developer, can you think of a time where you ……?

It really pays to jog your memory prior to job interviews to ace the open-ended questions like……As a Java developer, can you think of a time where you…….? Q1. Can you think of a time where you accomplished QuickWins for your company? A1. The focus is to improve the overall…

15 slacknesses or lack of experience that can come back & bite you in the back

Production issues seek the attention of middle and top level management. Often these are intermittent issues that are harder to reproduce in lower environments without the right know-hows & tools. Some will shrug it off as “Cannot be reproduced“, whilst others will seize the opportunity to showcase their technical strengths & know hows to go places. Here are a few things that you must pay attention as a software developer, designer or architect to prevent any future embarrassments. You can use this as a check list.

#1: Not externalizing configuration values in config file(s) (E.g: .properties, .xml, …

3 key “How would you go about …” Q&As to judge Java experience

Q1. How would you go about judging the code quality of other developers? A1. 1) Code written with unit tests and progressively re-factored where necessary to make it more maintainable, testable, and readable. 2) Unit tests need to be written properly — mock objects using frameworks like Mockito and Power…


30+ Java Code Review Checklist Items

This Java code review checklist is not only useful during code reviews, but also to answer an important Java job interview question, Q. How would you go about evaluating code quality of others’ work? You also learn a lot from peer code reviews. What has been written well? Why was…

8 real life Java scenarios with Situation-Action-Result (i.e. SAR) technique

The SAR (Situation-Action-Result) technique is very useful to tackle open-ended questions like:

1. What were some of the challenges you had encountered, and how did you go about fixing them?
2. What are some of your achievements that you are most proud of?
3. Why do you like software engineering?

and the list goes on. The answers you provide will reveal a lot about your experience & industry knowledge & be prepared for further drill-down questions based on your answers & this helps you steer the interview in the right direction leading to enlightening …

Ensuring code quality in Java Q&As

Q1. How do you ensure code quality in your application? A1. Code quality means writing readable, maintainable and robust code, that conforms as much as possible to the style-guideline that is used, and that has as little as possible defects. It also means writing maintainable code with proper automated and…

300+ Java & Big Data FAQs - Quick Prep

Java & Big Data Tutorials