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06: Web design patterns MVC2, MVP, MVVM & MVW

Q1. What’s wrong with Servlets? What is a JSP? What is it used for? What do you know about model 0 (aka MVC0), model 1 (aka MVC1) and model 2 (aka MVC2) patterns? In “model 2” architecture, if you set a request attribute in your JSP, would you be able…


4 JEE Design Patterns Interview Q&As

Unlike J2EE, Java EE 6 consists of annotated classes without any dependencies on the platform. This approach eliminates the need to separate business logic from the infrastructure and makes the majority of J2EE patterns and best practices superfluous. The following J2EE design patterns can be obsolete: — Service Locator (Use…


Q1. What is EIP, and why do you need it? A1. EIP stands for “Enterprise Integration Patterns”. EIP was created by Gregor Hohpe and published via the cook book entitled “Enterprise Integration Patterns”. Today’s business applications rarely live in isolation. Architecting integration solutions is a complex task. There are many…

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