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01: 12 Maven interview Questions & Answers

Q1. What is the difference between snapshot versions and release versions? A1. The term “SNAPSHOT” means the build is a snapshot of your code at a given time, which means downloading 1.0-SNAPSHOT today might give a different file than downloading it tomorrow or day after. When you are ready to…

02: 7 More Maven interview Questions & Answers

Q1. How will you go about creating master builds or releases using Maven? A1. Step 1: Log into the server that has maven set up to perform release builds. Step 2: You need to checkout the fresh copy of the artifacts that you are going to build. For example, if…

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05: Git & Maven for releasing software artifacts Q&A

Q1. What are the general steps involved in making a software release?

#1: Checking out the software artifacts to you build serevr or local box from a source control management (i.e. SCM) system.

#2: Giving it a version so it can be uniquely identifieds

#3: Building, testing and packaging the artifacts.

#4: Deploying the built artifacts a repository like Nexus where the artifacts can be picked up for for actual roll out on target servers by the release team.

#5: Tagging this state in SCM so it can be associated with the matching artifacts.

Q2. How …


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