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12+ FX or Forex Trading questions & answers

Q1. What do you understand by the terms symbol and currency pairs in relation to FX trading?
A1. Every traded instrument has a “symbol”. For example, in stocks “IBM” is a symbol and you can buy or sell “IBM” stocks. In the FIX protocol, the symbol is represented by tag number “55”. So, “55=IBM”. In the FX world the instruments are defined in pairs as

The FX symbols are traded in pair. The one on the LHS (i.e. USD) is known as the “base” currency and the one on the RHS …

15 Banking & finance domain knowledge interview Q&As

The investment banks and financial organizations do pay a very competitive remunerations and many of you aspire to work for such organizations. Here are a  few questions and answers on different securities, derivatives, and FIX engine/trading system basics to familiarize yourself  with some of the terminologies. Q1. What are the different asset…

Accounting domain knowledge on Credits Vs Debits interview Q&As

Q1. What do you understand by the terms Debit & Credit? A1. Debit is abbreviated as DR & Credit is abbreviated as CR, and form the building blocks of accounting. Debits are on the LHS & Credits are on the RHS. Remember the abbreviation ADE | LER On the LHS…

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