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20+ FIX basics interview questions and answers

This extends Finding your way around FIX specification Q&A. Q1. What product classes does FIX protocol support? A1. Equities, Equity Derivatives (e.g. Options, Warrants, Futures, ETFs, Swaps, etc), Fixed Income, FX (aka Forex), FX derivatives, etc. Q2. What are the key message categories? A2. Admin messages: Used to maintain different…

Finding your way around the FIX specification Q&A

Firstly, decide on the specification version. If you are using FIX spec 4.4 then go to The tutorials with QuickFIX/J used NewSingleOrder as the request. The message has the fields like Tag number. FIX message for NewOrderSingle request 8=FIX.4.4|9=123|35=D|34=53|49=CLIENT1|52=20140731-01:59:47.671|56=FixServer|11=DLF|38=45|40=2|44=25.4|54=1|55=BHP|60=20140731-01:59:47.669|10=238| Understanding the message: Tag:   8  is StandardHeader “BeginString” denoting…

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