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9 AngularJS 1.x interview Q&As

Angular JS and other JavaScript based MVW frameworks are getting so much attention. Q1. Can you give a big picture of AngularJS highlighting its key components? A1. A good diagram is worth 1000 words. Q2. What is a scope in AngularJS? A2. scope is an object that refers to the…

9+ AngularJS 1.x Interview Q&As

This extends 9 AngulartJS 1.x interview questions and answers . Q10. What is the difference between “ng-bind” & “ng-model” directives? Q10. ng-bind has one-way data binding ($scope.firstName –> view). It has a shortcut {{ firstName}} which displays the scope value $scope.firstName. The view can be div, span, input text box,…

AngularJS 1.x with Spring MVC RESTful web service beginner tutorial in 14 steps

Step 1: Create a maven based Java project from a command-line.

Step 2: Import the project into Eclipse as “File” –> “Import” –> “Existing Maven Projects”. Browse “C:\projects\simple-angularjs”.

Server side – Sprng MVC Restful service

Step 3: The model to represent an account in the package “com.mytutorial.model” in “src/main/java”.

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