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Debugging Spark applications written in Java locally by connecting to HDFS, Hive and HBase

This extends Remotely debugging Spark submit Jobs in Java. Running Spark in local mode When you run Spark in local mode, both the Driver and Executor will be running in the same JVM and is very handy to debug the logic of your transformations. You can run within an IDE…

Finding your way around YARN and Spark on Cloudera

What is Apache Hadoop YARN? Apache Hadoop YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is the prerequisite for Enterprise Hadoop for dynamic allocation oc the cluster resources. For example, when you run a Spark job on YARN as opposed to in standalone mode, you can will take advantage of categorizing, isolating, and…

Remotely debugging Spark submit Jobs in Java

This extends Remote debugging in Java with Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) to debug Spark jobs written in Java. We need to debug both the “Driver” and the “Executor“.

Debugging the Spark Driver in Java

Step 1: Run the Spark submit job in the remote machine, which waits on port “7777” for the eclipse debugger to connect.

Spark understanding DAG for tuning performance interview questions and answers

This extends 15 Apache Spark best practices & performance tuning interview FAQs to delve into DAGs, Stages, Tasks, Partitions and Shuffling in Spark. If you can’t read Spark Event Timelines & DAGs, you will be running blind as to how efficient your code is. The timeline view is available on…

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