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01: NoSQL interview Q&As – Key Value, Wide Column, Document & Graph databases

Q1. What are the key differences between SQL & NoSQL databases? A1. Now a days you have a choice which database to use based on your requirements. There are pros & cons for each database. SQL NoSQL (Not Only SQL) SQL databases store structured data & enforces schema (i.e.… Read more ...

06: Q51 – Q61 HBase Interview Questions & Answers

Q51. Is HBase a relational database? A51. HBase is not a relational database. It is a NoSQL database. Hbase is a column-oriented (aka columnar) database management system, which runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distribute File System). Q52. What does HBase consist of?… Read more ...


10: Q80 – Q87 HBase Schema Design Interview Q&As

Q80. Why is schema design for HBase is different from relational database design? A80. HBase is a columnar NoSQL database. This means no two rows in a table need to have the same columns. In a columnar database table, each row contains cells containing

Values are stored against each…

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InfluxDB interview questions & answers

Q01. What is InfluxDb?
A01. InfluxDB is an open-source time series database. It is a Big Data, NoSQL database that allows for massive scalability, high availability, fast write, and fast read. As a NoSQL, InfluxDB stores time-series data, which has a series of data points over time.… Read more ...

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