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5 Java unit testing interview Questions and Answers

Q1 Why use mock objects in unit testing? A1 Unit testing is widely accepted as a “best practice” for software development. When you write an object, you must also provide an automated test class containing methods by calling its various public methods with various parameters and making sure that the…

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JUnit with Hamcrest

Q1. What is Hamcrest, and what is its purpose?
A1. HAMCREST is an anagram for MATCHER. The purpose is to match the assertions the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) style. In short, reads better like English statements. So,

Instead of:

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Spring Boot in unit testing – 6 things you must know

Q1. What are some of the libraries required for unit testing Spring based Java applications? A1. Spring Test — integration test support for Spring applications. 1. JUnit — for unit testing Java applications. 2. Hamcrest — is a library of matcher objects (aka known as constraints or predicates) allowing assertThat…

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