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5 steps to become a contractor to gain professional & financial freedom

Anyone can become a contractor, but the hardest part of being a contractor is finding not just any freelancing jobs but rewarding & longer term development work and continuously finding them without any prolonged gaps.

You just can’t go to a freelance site like or and expect to pull jobs that will give you a steady and attractive income.

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5 tips that will put your Java contracting career on auto-pilot mode

If you are already working as a Java freelancer/contractor or aspiring to become one, here are 5 tips that will put your freelancing career as a programmer on auto-pilot mode. Feel free to share your experience and tips as a freelancer. If you aspire to become a freelancer/contractor then read 5 steps to become a Java freelancer

3 key benefits of contracting/freelancing

1) Better income,

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9 Tips to earn more as a Java developer

Not all jobs and titles are created equal. Why do person “X” and person “Y” performing similar tasks have a difference of 1.2 to 2.0 times in their remunerations? Why do low latency & big data jobs tend to pay more? Why are specialists get paid more than the generalists?

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What can you do as a Java (or any) programmer to take the road less travelled?

Myriad of online tools for blogging, social media, POD self-publishing, learning on the go, teaching, creating your own digital products & services, etc have levelled the playing ground and have enabled you to reach incredible heights at the cost of your time, effort &

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Why low latency & Big Data are high income skills?

According to Dice’s 2017 Salary Survey (PDF), those tech professionals who specialise in data warehousing, analytics, Big Data, low latency, and machine learning got paid big bucks for the past several years.

More and more organisations are complimenting their data warehouse systems like Teradata with Big Data platforms like Cloudera,

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