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♥ 5 steps to become a freelance Java developer to gain professional freedom

Anyone can become a freelance Java developer, but the hardest part of being a freelancer is finding not just any freelancing Java jobs but rewarding & longer term freelancing Java development work and continuously finding them without any prolonged gaps.

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♥ 5 tips that will put your Java contracting career on auto-pilot mode

If you are already working as a Java freelancer/contractor or aspiring to become one, here are 5 tips that will put your freelancing career as a programmer on auto-pilot mode. Feel free to share your experience and tips as a

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3 reasons to become a Freelance Java Developer

This is mainly based on working as a freelance Java developer for a single client on a contractual basis like 6 to 24 months or longer, and not working on smaller jobs for multiple clients. Whilst there are premium Java

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IT Job Security and complimenting your IT technical skills with non-technical skills

My dad keeps telling me to find a permanent job (instead of contracting), which in his view provides better job security, but I keep telling him that in my view in Information Technology the job security is achieved only by…...

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What is the difference between a Java freelance developer and a Java contractor?

Even though these terms are used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. A contractor: generally works for one client on an exclusive basis for a longer term say 6 to 48 months. Contractual agreements may prohibit you to work for

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