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Spring batch industrial strength tutorial – part2

This assumes that you have read the spring batch beginner tutorial & industrial strength part 1. This is the final part. Step 1: The annotated Java classes are referenced directly due to following line in the batch-context.xml

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00: Create a simple REST API with Spring Boot

Q1. What is the key benefit of using Spring boot?
A1. The key benefit is that you can “build a production ready application from scratch in a matter of minutes”.

Over the years since its inception, Spring has grown to be very complex in terms of the amount of configuration an application requires.… Read more ...

00: ⏯ MySQL database beginner video tutorial

Step by step MySQL video tutorial to get started with MySQL database. Any decent self-taught projects require a database to store & retrieve data.

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01 : Spring Cloud with Eureka Discovery Server Tutorial

Q1. What is Spring Cloud? A1. Spring Boot is widely used to develop MicroServices. As many organisations deploy these services on the cloud like AWS, etc you need to take care of various aspects to make it cloud native, hence Spring Cloud was created. Spring Cloud is an implementation of…

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01: 14 Unix must-know interview questions & answers

Q1 How do you remove the Control-M characters from a file?
A1 Control-M is a carriage return on keyboard. The ^M is the keyboard equivalent to \r. In a file originated from DOS/Windows the \r\n is used for an end of line carriage return, whereas in Unix it is \n for a new line.… Read more ...

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01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run

Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD, & DEV/OPS have been the buzz words for the last several years. You will be seeing this in more often in the job requirements as well. 21 Docker interview questions & answers | DevOps & CI/CD Interview Q&As

Pre-requisite: Docker is installed on your machine for example:

Mac OS X

Linux systems

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01: Drools tutorial with Maven and Eclipse

Drools is an open source rules engine that allows you to externalize the business rules.

This tutorial assumes that you have gone through “Setting up Java, Maven, and Eclipse.” Once you have gone through the following steps, you should have a project structure as shown below.


Step 1: Create a new Maven project

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01: Getting started with Apache Kafka on Mac tutorial

Prerequisite This tutorial assumes that Java 8 is installed. You check this with

If Java is not installed, you can install it on Mac with:

Note: If you are using windows, use *.batRead more ...

01: Getting started with AWS – creating accounts & setting up security

Step 1: Create an account via

Step 2: Create an account. You need to provide credit/debit card details even if you want to use the free tier for up to 12 months. It is advisable to use a credit/debit card with low limits (E.g. getting a debit card from a post office with say $20 limit).… Read more ...

01: Getting started with Jenkins on Docker tutorial

Jenkins is the most popular CI/CD server. There you create jobs that are triggered by some events (changed in a code repository, manually, etc). Those events invokes the steps like compiling to see if you can generate the executable. Then you run tests (unit tests) to confirm the desired behaviour at low-level.… Read more ...

01: Install Kubernetes (i.e. minikube) on Mac

Learn Docker first. Getting started with Docker. Learn the Kubernetes basics at Kubernetes & Docker interview Questions & Answers Pre-requisites: brew is installed: Homebrew

Homebrew Cask

Docker Download and install Docker for Mac.… Read more ...

01: JasperReports with iReport tutorial

JasperReports is a popular reporting framework/tool to produce reports in PDF, XLS, etc.

Step 1: Define a POJO class as defined below. This is the Java bean data source that is going to provide the data to the report.

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01: JAXB Tutorial for XML processing in Java step by step – unmarshall & marshall

Step 1: Create a Java Maven project.

Import the “simple-jaxb” folder that has the pom.xml it into eclipse as an “existing maven project”.… Read more ...

01: Scala Actors tutorial step by step

This assumes that you have set up Scala as per Setting up Scala IDE & using Maven plugins for Java developers.

Step 1: Add the “scala-actors” dependency to the pom.xml file.

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01: Simple Akka tutorial in Java step by step

Why use Akka? Akka handles all of the underlying threading complexities by allowing you to just focus on dividing your tasks into actors, defining messages to pass among actors, and wiring together their communication logic.

The real power of Akka is realized when you distribute actors across multiple machines. You could spin off hundreds of Akka servers to run your actors, and the Akka toolkit seamlessly handles the distribution and communication of the messages among the actors.… Read more ...

01: Simple Akka Tutorial in Scala step by step for the Java developers

Simple Akka Tutorial in Scala step by step with Maven. This is reactive programming in action, which is used for message driven interactions. This extends setting up Scala and Simple Akka tutorial in Java step by step

Step 1: Create a scala maven project named “simple-akka-scala” as shown below.… Read more ...

01: Simple Spring Boot Tutorial in 8 steps

Assumes that your Java, Maven, and eclipse are set up as per: Setting up Java, Maven, and eclipse

Step 1: Create a simple maven project using the maven “archetype” plugin.

The above command creates a folder “simple-spring-boot

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.45.37 PM

Step 2: import it into eclipse by choosing File –> Import –> Maven –> Existing Maven projects and select the folder “simple-spring-boot” you had just created with Maven.… Read more ...

01: Websphere MQ Client API Tutorial – Message Sender

Step 1: You need to have the Webspeher MQ client jar “” in your project at “${basedir}/lib”. You can refer to it via Maven as a local file based repository.

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01. Setting up Java step by step tutorial

This is mainly for the beginners of Java to get started with Maven, and eclipse. This is required not only for learning Java, but also conducive to creating your self-taught Java projects.

Set up folders

1) C:\tools to install Java development tools like JDK, Maven, Eclipse IDE, etc. Create a sub-folder “jdk-8u131-windows-x64” to install JDK “8u131”.… Read more ...

01. ⏯ Setting up Java step by step video tutorial

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