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01: Simple Spring Boot Tutorial in 8 steps

Assumes that your Java, Maven, and eclipse are set up as per: Setting up Java, Maven, and eclipse

Step 1: Create a simple maven project using the maven “archetype” plugin.

The above command creates a folder “simple-spring-boot

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.45.37 PM

Step 2: import it into eclipse by choosing File –> Import –> Maven –> Existing Maven projects and select the folder “simple-spring-boot” you had just created with Maven.…

02: Simple Spring Boot Restful Web Service Tutorial

This tutorial extends Simple Spring Boot Tutorial in 8 steps. Step 1: The pom.xml file that was created in the previous Spring boot tutorial needs to be changed from “spring-boot-starter-actuator”…

03: Spring Boot Web & Actuator Beginner Tutorial Step by Step

Step 1: Create a simple maven project using the maven “archetype” plugin.

Step 2: Import it as an “existing maven project” into eclipse.…

04: Spring boot MVC tutorial with thymeleaf & bean validation

Step 1: Create a “simple-spring-mvc” maven project.

Step 2: Import the project into eclipse.…

08: Spring boot with OpenAPI (Swagger) tutorial

This tutorial extends Create a simple REST API with Spring Boot.

Q1. What is Swagger?
A1. The OpenAPI (used to be called Swagger) automates the documentation of REST APIs. Documentation of any REST Service API is a must because

1) Consumers of the services need to know which all services are available, the signatures, and the expected input.…

Spring boot with Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate & MySQL tutorial in 10 steps

This assumes that you that you have set up Java, Maven, and MySQL as per the previous tutorials.

Spring boot dependencies in pom.xml

The entries for the Spring boot pom.xml can be determined via ““. If it is a new project, create a zip file and import into eclipse.…

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