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00: ⏯ MySQL database beginner video tutorial

Step by step MySQL video tutorial to get started with MySQL database. Any decent self-taught projects require a database to store & retrieve data.

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01: 14 Unix must-know interview questions & answers

Q1 How do you remove the Control-M characters from a file? A1 Control-M is a carriage return on keyboard. The ^M is the keyboard equivalent to \r. In a file originated from DOS/Windows the \r\n is used for an end of line carriage return, whereas in Unix it is \n…

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01: Drools tutorial with Maven and Eclipse

Drools is an open source rules engine that allows you to externalize the business rules.

This tutorial assumes that you have gone through “Setting up Java, Maven, and Eclipse.” Once you have gone through the following steps, you should have a project structure as shown below.


Step 1: Create a new Maven project

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01: JasperReports with iReport tutorial

JasperReports is a popular reporting framework/tool to produce reports in PDF, XLS, etc.

Step 1: Define a POJO class as defined below. This is the Java bean data source that is going to provide the data to the report.

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01: Websphere MQ Client API Tutorial – Message Sender

Step 1: You need to have the Webspeher MQ client jar “” in your project at “${basedir}/lib”. You can refer to it via Maven as a local file based repository.

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02: Drools tutorial — A non trivial example with step by step instructions

Drools allow you to externalize business rules to a database, excel spreadsheet, etc. In this tutorial let’s look at an OrderItem scenario where  each OrderItem needs to be put through a couple of rules to determine its discounted price. Step 0: Dependency jars an structure Step 1:

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02: JasperReports generating an Excel file

This is an extension to the JasperReport step by step tutorial (Part-1) to demonstrate how to generate a Excel file from the To generate an Excel file, you  need Apache POI as a dependency. Here are the Maven dependency files required.

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02: Websphere MQ Client API Tutorial – Message Receiver

Step 1: You need to have the Webspeher MQ client jar “” in your project at “${basedir}/lib”. You can refer to it via Maven as a local file based repository.

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03: Drools with Decision tables (Excel spreadsheet) tutorial

This is an extension to Drools tutorial with Maven. This externalize the rules criteria to an Excel spreadsheet license.xls. This means the age condition is supplied in the xls file under src/main/resources/drools/license.xls. Step 1: Maven pom.xml file dependencies. Add dependencies including the decision tables.

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03: JasperReports pass parameters

The part 1 was a comprehensive beginner style Jasper Reports tutorial. This extends that to demonstrate how to pass parameters via a Map using name/value pairs to the Jasper Reports. Step 1: Add a new custom parameter named “footerText” to display some value in the page footer section. Right-click on…

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