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“IT Jobs or programming jobs wanted” forums tips to standout from your competition

I often see in  “IT Jobs Wanted” or “programming jobs wanted” forums, where potential job seekers don’t really take the effort to promote themselves more effectively. Firstly, they post their threads with very ordinary titles like “Java Job Wanted” and “SCJP looking for Java Work”. Secondly, if you click on the title half-heartedly, there is no evidence of a link to your resume or a summary highlighting your experience and achievements.…

7 job hunting avenues that will give you a better chance of securing your next IT job

Only around 30% to 40% of the job openings are advertised, and this avenue is highly competitive as many will be trying this avenue. The remaining 60% to 70% is a hidden job market where you proactively approach the potential employers for possible openings. This avenue can be harder without the right skills, but less competitive as not many will be tapping into them.…

Are you finding it hard to get good Java jobs? Are you putting yourself in hiring employers’ shoes?

Are you finding hard to get good Java jobs?

Are you just offering what you have for your prospective employers or putting yourself in hiring employers’ shoes?

Here are some examples as to why employers favor experience to just academic qualifications.

  • We work in an agile development environment and all tasks are time boxed, hence we need an experienced developer.

Handy job hunting tips in tough times for Java/JEE professionals

If the market is hot, a well-rounded candidate with a decent resume and little or no experience could easily walk into an interview. But, during a difficult job market with…

Have you got real 3-year experience or one year repeated 3 times?

Some employers and recruitment agencies seem to put more emphasis on quantity (i.e. number of years of experience) than quality (i.e. caliber of the candidate). Some candidates are more pro-active and passionate about their achievements, skills and widening their horizons whilst the others get into a comfort zone performing repetitive tasks.…

How to break into IT without a computer science degree?

This is based on my experience. In 1999 I made a career change from being a mechanical engineer to a Java developer. It was much easier then because it was…

Strategies & tips to combat employment gap, prolonged unemployment, no experience, etc for Java developers

This is a very demotivating situation to be in, and here are 4 things you can do to improve your chances of getting a foot in the door. You need…

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