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5 strategies I used to drive traffic to my website on Java Programming

  • Are you planning to write a Software development book via a POD publisher and don’t know how to promote it?
  • Are you having trouble driving traffic to your blog on software development even though you have great content?
  • Are you planning to become a freelance developer and going to create a blog to promote your skills and experience to find work continuously. 

Are you ready for digital recruitment? Can you be found in Google search?

or search for the right reasons of course.

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The traditional paper resumes and in-person interviews are on the way out, and the recruitment process is gearing towards 100% digital. So, as a candidate, you need to shift your efforts towards being discovered in this digital realm. If I type your name on Google search, will it popup in the first page results?…

How much can you roughly earn from Google ad-sense? Is it worth it?

Q. How much can you earn from Google ad-sense? Is it worth it? A. Here is the rough guide for you to decide for yourself if Google ad-sense is financially worth…

My top 5 blogging mistakes as a software developer

Here are my top 5 mistakes and lessons learned from them. Mistake #1: Wrote blog posts for adsense and SEO robots. The tell tale sign is checking my adsense income…

Self-publishing your books via Print-On-Demand (POD)

Q. What is Print-On-Demand (i.e. POD) publishing? A. Anyone can get published via POD as the books are printed based on demand. The hardest part of POD is not getting…

Top 5 blogging challenges that I faced in developing a subscription based “Java-Success” blog

#1. Selecting a niche

that not only benefits your readers and followers from your expertise, but also something that is not already in a crowded market place.

  • It will be hard to be heard and followed when there are hundreds of other bloggers in the same or similar niche. You need to come up with very creative and unique posts to standout.

Top 5 tips for software developers on blogging for additional income

There are tangible and intangible benefits to blogging, but for most of you the primary source of income will come from working as a Java developer, Java lead, Java architect, etc for an organization. Blogging can bring in a supplementary income and most importantly the intangible benefits like continuous proactive learning, networking, better employ-ability, fast tracking your career, etc.…

Why I migrated my site from Hostgator to SiteGround?

My subscription based wordpress site “” started off very well by hosting on hostgator in Oct 2014, and since then the number of subscriptions and hits increased very drastically. As my needs grew, I had to revise my hosting requirements.

Recently, I became not too happy with “Hostagtor” web hosting support and the site speed.…


Start with “Why” in everything you do — Simon Sinek.

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#1: As a freelancer, I attend job interviews every 1-3 years and being able to prepare well to get multiple job offers give me the much needed job security to find work in any job market.…

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