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IT Job Security and complimenting your IT technical skills with non-technical skills

My dad keeps telling me to find a permanent job (instead of contracting), which in his view provides better job security, but I keep telling him that in my view in Information Technology the job security is achieved only by keeping your knowledge and skills sharp and up to date.

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Top 10 soft skills to impress your employers

You need to grow not just as a “techie” but as a well-rounded person with good technical skills. The soft skill requirements vary from company to company, but there are some core soft skills that are common to most companies.

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Why is just being a superstar techie alone not enough?

Just being a superstar developer alone isn’t enough to advance in your career or to survive layoffs. Technical professionals are increasingly required to broaden their skill sets to master the so-called soft skills.

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300+ Java Interview FAQs

Java & Big Data Tutorials