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8 steps to safeguard against off-shoring as a Java developer

“Offshoring Will Kill 1.5 Million IT Jobs by 2017” – according to new research from The Hacket Group.

Off-shoring means transferring jobs from Country-X to countries that have lower labor costs, wage rates and taxation than Country-X. This is regarded as a big productivity gain for firms as they reduce their costs and increase their profits.

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My observations (or whinging) on managers vs. leaders in software industry

What prompted me to write on this topic? Two reasons:

#1. It is a popular topic in software industry forums where people rant about “project managers earning more than developers when developers do all the work”, etc.

#2. share my observations in the past 15 years from various organizations and to solicit your views &

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300+ Java & Big Data Interview FAQs

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