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22 handy Java programmer resume phrases

Here are some handy resume phrases for software engineers extracted from my book entitled Java/JEE resume companion, which has 150+ phrases to promote you as a well rounded software engineer.

1. Quantified on the job technical accomplishments

  • Increased the number of unit tests from 30+ to 800+ in my watchful eye to improve the overall quality of a number of .Net based applications.

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Career change to Java Resume or CV

Everything discussed in the novice’s section is applicable here too. This will be very similar to novice’s resume, but you will have a little more experience in your current field, so that you can use that experience to illustrate your transferable non-technical skills. You need to clearly mention your intention...

Intermediate Java Resume or CV

A good Java resume can open more doors. Resume writing is a skill that will help you stand out from your competition. You need to highlight your achievements in both technical and non-technical (i.e. soft skills) areas in commercial projects. You need to list all the Java/JEE related technologies you...

Novice Java Sample Resume or CV

There could be many other candidates with similar qualifications and Java certifications like you. So you need to have something extra to stand out from the rest. This is where contribution to open-source project, self-taught projects, and transferable skills (i.e. soft skills) gained through your part-time or casual employment and...

Sample Java Resume or CV for Java Developers

A good Java resume or CV can make a world of a difference to open more doors to your career. Here is a sample resume that is extracted from my book “Java/J2EE Resume Companion” for experienced Java professionals. Even if you are not an experienced professional, it will guide you...

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