300+ Java EE interview Q&As

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Module 1Describe the recent Java application that you had worked on from a 100 feet?
Describing the recent enterprise Java application you had worked on or an application you are proud of from a 100 feet. If you are a beginner with no industry experience, talk about your toy project(s) in GitHub and any open-source contribution.
Unit 112 High-level JEE architecture overviews at 100 feet with diagrams
Unit 2Describe a typical Java EE architecture?
Unit 311 JEE application integration styles with diagrams
Module 2JEE Overview
JEE Overview Interview Q&As
Unit 110 JEE overview interview Q&As
Unit 24 JEE bean validation, asynchronous processing & web fragments interview Q&As
Module 3Web Basics
Web basics like HTTP paradigm, request parameters, sessions, headers, cookies, web patterns, etc
Unit 14 Http methods, content types, headers, MIME types, cookies, etc Q&As
Unit 212 Web development basics interview Q&AS
Unit 38 Web development design patterns interview Q&As
Module 4Java Servlets
Java Servlets Interview Q&As
Unit 121 Java servlet interview Q&As
Unit 25 web.xml, ServletConfig, and ServletContext interview Q&As
Module 5View Technologies in Java Web applications
View Technologies in Java Web applications like client-side vs server-side, JSPs, angularjs.
Unit 1Client-side vs server side view technologies interview Q&As
Unit 213 AngularJs interview Q&As
Unit 37 JSP interview Q&As
Unit 49 JSF interview Q&As
Module 6Java web & micro services
RESTful & SOAP web services interview Q&As
Unit 16 Web services overview interview Q&As
Unit 26 Micro & web services interview Q&As
Unit 36 RESTful web services interview Q&As
Unit 4RESTful interview question on 12 rules to remember
Unit 5HATEOAS question on RESTful web service
Unit 611 SOAP web services interview Q&As
Module 7Spring Core
Spring core interview Q&As
Unit 19 Spring framework overview interview Q&As
Unit 2DIP, DI, Spring IoC and loose coupling in detail Q&As
Unit 34 Spring bean lifecycle interview Q&As
Unit 417 Spring bean scopes interview Q&As
Module 8Spring MVC and Spring Boot
Spring MVC & Spring Boot interview Q&As
Unit 111 Spring MVC interview Q&As
Unit 211 Spring boot & IO interview Q&As
Module 9JPA & Hibernate
JPA & Hibernate interview Q&AS
Unit 18 JPA interview Q&As
Unit 28 Hibernate basics interview Q&As
Unit 38 Hibernate object states, lazy loading & optimistic locking Q&As
Module 10JDBC, Transaction Management & JTA
JDBC, Transaction Management & JTA interview Q&As
Unit 15 JDBC overview interview Q&As
Unit 212 JDBC basics interview Q&As
Unit 39 Java Transaction Management interview Q&As
Unit 48 JTA interview Q&As
Module 11JMS, JNDI, and JMX
JMS, JNDI, and JMX interview Q&As
Unit 116 JMS interview Q&As
Unit 29 JNDI & LDAP interview Q&As
Unit 35 JMX and MBean interview Q&As
Module 12Database & SQL
Database & SQL interview Q&As
Unit 115 Database interview Q&As
Unit 215 SQL interview Q&As
Unit 33 SQL subqueries interview Q&As
Module 13Unix & Regex
Unix & Regex Interview Q&As
Unit 114 Unix interview Q&As
Unit 2Power of regex for string manipulation
Unit 39 Regular expressions (aka regex) in Java interview Q&As
Module 14JSON, XML & XSD
JSON, XML & XSD interview Q&As
Unit 117 XML interview Q&As
Unit 211 XSD interview Q&As
Unit 37 Processing XML in Java interview Q&As
Unit 45 JAXB interview Q&As
Unit 56 JSON interview Q&As
Unit 6Processing JSON in Java
Module 15UML & ERD
UML & ERD interview Q&As
Unit 112 UML interview Q&As
Unit 210 ERD (i.e. Entity-Relationship Diagrams) interview Q&As
Module 16Maven & Git
Maven & Git interview Q&As
Unit 112 Maven build tool interview Q&As
Unit 27 Maven, Nexus, and other build tools Q&As
Unit 38 Git Source control system interview Q&As
Unit 46 Git Q&As on pull requests, rebasing, merging, etc
Module 17JavaScript
JavaScript interview Q&As
Unit 13 Java Vs. JavaScript interview Q&As
Unit 210 JavaScript Interview Q&As on variable scopes & context
Unit 310 JavaScript interview Q&As on functions, prototypes, “this” variable, binding, etc
Unit 410 JavaScript interview Q&As on functions
Unit 57 JavaScript interview Q&As on closures
Module 18SDLC
Software Development Life Cycle interview Q&As
Unit 15 SDLC interview Q&As for Java developers
Unit 218 Agile development methodology interview Q&As
Unit 330+ SDLC activities performed by developers
Module 19Enterprise Code Quality
Enterprise Code Quality Interview Q&As
Unit 13 Ensuring code quality in Java applications Q&As
Unit 26 Unit testing Spring boot applications Q&As
Unit 34 Q&As on unit testing the DAO layer
Unit 4Unit testing Spring controller
Unit 5BDD development in Java
Module 20Judging Experience
Judging Experience interview Q&As
Unit 13 How would you go about ..." Q&As to judge experience
Unit 211 In your Java experience, what are ... Q&As
Unit 37 Interview Q&As on debugging skills
Unit 418 Java scenarios based interview Q&As
Unit 59 SQL scenarios Q&As judge experience
Unit 6How would you go about designing Java apps with UML diagrams?