“IT Jobs or programming jobs wanted” forums tips to standout from your competition

I often see in  “IT Jobs Wanted” or “programming jobs wanted” forums, where potential job seekers don’t really take the effort to promote themselves more effectively. Firstly, they post their threads with very ordinary titles like “Java Job Wanted” and “SCJP looking for Java Work”. Secondly, if you click on the title half-heartedly, there is no evidence of a link to your resume or a summary highlighting your experience and achievements. Many fail to realize that they are in a very competitive world out there and they are needed to do something different to standout from others who have done exactly the same thing like SCJP or more. For example:

Ordinary Thread:

Title: want Java Job (SCJP)


  • I am a Sun certified software engineer with 3+ years of experience, presently located in New York.
  • I have worked with Java 1.4, 1.5, Eclipse, JavaScript, Junit, HTML/CSS, Ajax, XML, SQL, Websphere, and Oracle 9i. I am looking for a suitable job in Java/J2EE. 
  • I will be obliged if anyone can contact me via private messages or candidate_name@hotmail.com. 

Improved Thread:

Title: 4+ yrs track record of achievements and well-roundedness in Java/JEE (SCJP).


Career Highlights

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in building B2B, B2C, and multi-threaded stand-alone Java/JEE applications and batch processes. 
  • Successfully completed 2 Java/JEE projects at XYZ Limited and PWG consulting, taking it all the way from requirements gathering, design, development, and testing to deployment. 
  • Highly resourceful in migrating poorly performing Web services by applying strong attention to detail with ability to look at the big picture at XYZ Limited. Redesigned the services with best practices such as contract-first approach, clearly defined contract, etc. 
  • Took the initiative and refactored a single threaded polling driven module to an industrial strength multi-threaded module that not only scaled well to growing demand, but also fixed an intermittent stability issue.
    Effectively promoted best practices, design concepts, and agile development practices to build solutions that not only met current requirements, but also adapted well to changing business needs at PWG Consulting.

Presently located in New York, and Resume is available at http://www.candidateresume.com. Can be contacted via private messages or email: candidate_name@hotmail.com.

Once you have an impressive title, pay attention to writing a summary that will motivate the prospective employer to learn more about you via the resume link you provide.

This is not only applicable to the “IT Jobs Wanted” forums, but anywhere you need to promote your personal services.Your points need to be

  • Concise
  • Start with action verbs  where possible like implemented, improved, refactored, etc.
  • Well-rounded highlighting both technical and soft skills.
  • Quantified where possible — 2 complete projects, 3+ years, etc.
  • Credible with company name, URL, etc.

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