♥♦ Key Areas driven Java resumes are more impressive

This article extends What are the 16 technical key areas of Java programming to fast-track your career?

7 core aspects of an impressive resume are

  1. Results oriented
  2. Key Areas driven
  3. Soft skills and personal attributes are captured
  4. Sought after technologies and frameworks are mentioned
  5. Strengths are highlighted
  6. Credible
  7. Concise and well-formatted without spelling errors.

10+ key areas driven Resume phrases examples

All these key areas are covered in detail with Java examples.

  • Identified and fixed transactional issues due to incorrect exception handling and transaction demarcation.
  • In my watchful eyes, increased the unit testing coverage from 30% to 70% within 3 months.
  • An angular JS & Spring based web application that had to be restarted every second day became a true 24 X 7 mission critical system handling 300+ concurrent users.
  • Redesigned & re-wrote a Java based batch job that used to take 6 hours to run by incorporating multi-threading, non-blocking I/O, database/query tuning & caching to complete its run within an hour.
  • Initiated the agile development methodology with Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration, and SCRUM concepts to improve the overall code quality and to reduce the development lead times.
  • Built an end to end vertical slice for a JEE based billing application, using popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Facelets, XHTML, Maven 3 and Ajax.
  • Improved and fully automated the build process by migrating it from Ant to Maven 3. Deployed the Java applications into multiple UNIX based environments and produced both unit and functional test results along with the release notes.
  • Designed and developed a Struts like MVC 2 Web framework using the front-controller design pattern, which is used successfully in a number of production systems.
  • Reviewed code and mentored junior developers to use design patterns, OO design concepts, best practices & uniform exception handling.
  • Normalized Oracle 9i database, conforming to design concepts and best practices.
  • Took pride in proactively identifying and fixing potential security holes in a number of applications.
  • Reviewed a large code base to conform to industry best practices, and revised the web resources to be cross-browser and mobile devices compatible.

Standout factors

1. It shows that you have experience in the key areas like transaction management, concurrency management, exception handling, applying the design patterns & the concepts, and the full SDLC.

2. It shows that you are passionate about building quality software.

3. It also shows that you have the ability to take initiatives and mentor.

4. It demonstrates that you can not only look at the big picture, but also have the ability to get things done.

5. It exemplifies that you can not only develop applications, but also can take it through the full SDLC process.

6. Developing Web frameworks requires good understanding of the Java fundamentals, JEE specification fundamentals, and internet paradigms.

3 reasons for mentioning the key areas

These key areas are really worthy of a mention in your resume and interviews. The mentioning of these key areas in your resume can earn you extra points in one or more ways as discussed below:

1. If you happen to be applying for a position with an organization, which is facing serious issues with regards to their Java application relating to memory leaks, performance problems, or a crashing JVM then highlighting your hands-on experience in these key areas will be of interest to them.

2. If you happen to be applying for a position with an organization, which is working on a pilot project using a different development methodologies like agile methodology, RUP (recommended in SOA initiatives), etc or has just started adopting a newer development process or methodology then mentioning of your experience or familiarity can work in your favor.

3. If the team leads and architects of the organization you are applying for feel that the current team is lacking skills in the key areas of design concepts, design patterns, and best practices, then mentioning of these key areas can differentiate you from your competition.

Java resume writing know hows and sample CVs

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