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NOT for those who want to memorise the answers

Real success takes time and continuous learning, coding & asking the right questions. You will never become a sought-after developer by watching videos or following a 1 month course. Focus more on lifting your know-hows, experience & skills a few notches every month by applying what you learn. This will pay off in a long run to get multiple job offers, which empowers you to not only negotiate better rates, but also to choose your own career path as opposed to others deciding what is best for you.

Job interviews are not exams

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of Q&As. Nothing beats hands-on experience. It is all about quality of the answers. Industrial strength answers to open-ended & technical questions will go a long way in stamping your “know hows”, analytical thinking and experience. The interviewers only have around an hour and a limited number of questions to judge your experience and capabilities.

i used this to get 6 jobs in 2 weeks. out of which one is an architect job. kudos to the author. regards — vinodh

Why wait 5-10 when you can fast-track in 1-2 ?

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