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Hope these resources will help you fast-track your career with broader know-hows to not only clear your job interviews, but also as a career companion to get things done.

Not for those who are

Looking to memorise the answers. Real success takes time, continuous learning & more importantly sharpening your know-hows & skills on 16+ Tech Key areas, Resume writing, job hunting, job interview preparation, blogging, and expanding your horizons.

You will never become a sought-after professional by watching videos. Nothing beats hands-on experience, hence this site is full of conceptual diagrams, code snippets, scenarios based Q&As, 16+ Tech Key Areas & FAQs. Please apply what you learn by writing code & drawing conceptual diagrams as that is the only way to fast-track your career & go places with clarity & confidence

Confidence that

— I can find work in any job market at top market rates.
— I can choose from 2-6 job offers.
— I can continuously find work as a freelancer or contractor.
— I can take the road less travelled with additional income streams.


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Learn by categories such as FAQs – Core Java, Key Area – Low Latency, Core Java – Java 8, JEE – Microservices, Big Data – NoSQL, Architecture – Distributed, Big Data – Spark, etc. Some posts belong to multiple categories.