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04: 5 Java generics Interview Q&As on wildcards with examples

Q1. If java.lang.Object is the super type for java.lang.Number and, Number is the super type for java.lang.Integer,

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04: Top 10 most common Core Java beginner mistakes

Mistake #1: Using floating point data types like float or double for monetary calculations. This can lead to rounding issues.

In the above code,

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06: HashMap & HashSet and how do they internally work? What is a hashing function?

HashMap & HashSet are not only one of the frequently used data structures, but also one of the popular interview topics.

Q1. How does a HashMap store data?

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10 Distributed storage & computing systems interview Q&As

A distributed system consists of multiple software components that are on multiple computers (aka nodes), but run as a single system. These components can be stateful, stateless, or serverless, and these components can be created in different languages running on hybrid environments and developing open-source technologies,

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15 slacknesses or lack of experience that can come back & bite you in the back

Production issues seek the attention of middle and top level management. Often these are intermittent issues that are harder to reproduce in lower environments without the right know-hows &

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15+ Java beginner multithreading interview Q&As

Q1. What is a thread?
A1. It is a thread of execution in a program. The JVM (i.e. process) allows an application to have multiple threads of execution running concurrently.

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15+ SQL scenarios based interview Q&As – part 1

Q01 How will you go about identifying duplicate records in a table?
A01 This is a very popular interview question because there are many approaches,

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17 beginner Java interview questions and answers

These 17 beginner Java interview questions & answers are not only for the entry level job interviews, but also get a good grasp of the beginner level Java concepts.


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18 Java scenarios based interview Q&As for the experienced – Part 1

Q01. Scenario: You need to load stock exchange security codes from a database and cache them for performance. The security codes need to be refreshed say every 30 minutes.

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30+ Java Code Review Checklist Items

This Java code review checklist is not only useful during code reviews, but also to answer an important Java job interview question,

Q. How would you go about evaluating code quality of others’

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