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4 Ice breaker Java interview Q&As asked 90% of the time

Most interviews start with these 4 open-ended questions.

Q1. Tell us about yourself?
Q2. Tell us about the most satisfying project you had worked on in the last year?

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5 FAQs on transforming your thinking from OOP to FP

Functional Programming (i.e. FP) is prevalent in Big Data (i.e. Spark programming, etc) roles. A must know for Big Data Engineers and Analysts.

One needs to get used to the transformation from imperative programming to functional programming.

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5 Ways to debug thread-safety issues in Java

Interviewers often judge your experience with debugging skills. For example, debugging jar hell issues, debugging SSL issues, debugging hibernate issues, debugging transaction management issues, etc. All these are covered in detail under the key areas “

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6 Java Modifiers every interviewer likes to Quiz you on

Java modifiers like final, finally, const, volatile, transient and finalize are very popular with the job interviewers. You will see why because of the possible drill down questions.


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8 real life Java scenarios of Situation-Action-Result (i.e. SAR) technique

The SAR (Situation-Action-Result) technique is not only useful for writing great resumes,

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9 Java Garbage Collection interview questions & answers – part 1

Java Garbage Collection interview questions & answers to ascertain your depth of Java knowledge in building industry strength Java applications. Determining optimal Garbage Collection (GC) settings is critical to achieve high throughput &

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Java 8 String streams and finding the first non repeated character with functional programming

Q1.Find the first non repeated character in a given string input using Java 8 or later?
A1.Extends Find the first non repeated character in a given string input with Java 8 functional programming.

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Java Compile-time Vs Run-time Interview Q&As

During development and design, one needs to think in terms of compile-time, run-time, and build-time.

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Java Generics in no time “? extends” & “? super” explained with a diagram

Generics in Java can be be a bit tricky to get your head around. Hope the explanation below enhances your understanding of generics. This complements 5 Java generics interview Q&As with examples.

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What is wrong with this code? Heap Vs Stack, Thread safety & Synchronized

This post covers must know Java Multithreading basics – Heap Vs Stack, Thread-safety & Synchronization. When you have a multithreaded Java application, you need to code in a thread-safe manner.

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