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00: Top 50+ Core Java interview questions answered – Q1 to Q10

These are must know Java interview FAQs. If you don’t get these Java interview questions right, you will not be getting an offer.

Q1. What is the difference between “==” and “equals(…)” in comparing Java String objects?
A1. When you use “==” (i.e.

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00: Tree from a list & flattening it back to a list in Java

Hierarchical data with parent & child relationships are very common, and Java collection does not have a Tree data structure, hence it is a popular interview question. Further questions include tree data structure processing using recursiion & iteration. A Tree data structure can be represented as shown below.

Step 1: A simple class that encapsulates its value,

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00: Why favor composition over inheritance?

This not only one of the most popular Java OOP Interview Questions & Answers asked 90% of the time in job interview, but also a key OOP concept you must know well. The correct answer depends on the problem you are trying to solve, and the answer you give reveal a lot about your know-hows &

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00: ⏯ MySQL database beginner video tutorial

Step by step MySQL video tutorial to get started with MySQL database. Any decent self-taught projects require a database to store & retrieve data.

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1. Getting started with MySQL database beginner tutorial.

SQL Interview Q&As

1. 14 FAQ SQL Interview Questions &

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01: 15+ Java multithreading interview Q&As

Even the experienced Java developers dread Java multithreading interview questions & coding exercises. Interviewers love to drill you on multithreading as it can reveal a lot about your capabilities.

Q1. What is a thread?
A1. It is a thread of execution in a program.

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01: Docker Tutorial – compile & run

Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD, & DEV/OPS have been the buzz words for the last several years. You will be seeing this in more often in the job requirements as well. 21 Docker interview questions & answers | DevOps & CI/CD Interview Q&As

Pre-requisite: Docker is installed on your machine for example:

Mac OS X

Linux systems


Find online instructions like: install-docker-on-windows-10

Step 1: Create a folder “

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