What are the benefits of Java-Success.com training?

When there are so many free & online training resources, what are the benefits of Java-Success.com training? The Q&As approach with lots of diagrams & code gives a different perspective to learning. You are not only preparing for the job interviews, but also learning the fundamentals as the answers are detailed with lots of diagrams, code, and examples.

#1. Confidence Booster

Preparation and being in the “know how” breed confidence, and confidence can do a lots of wonderful things to your career.

“I have cracked more than 10 companies and now I have joined Product based company. I felt very happy and thought of writing a mail to you — Naidu M”

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#2. Quality of the answers matter a lot

Java interviews are not technical contests to see who gets the most number of questions right or who knows the flavor of the month framework. It is all about assessing who has the right experience, skills, know how and desire to get the job done. The interviewers have only around 1 hour to judge this from the quality of the answers you provide with good depth, examples, and diagrams.

You never know what you are going to get grilled on: Hot topics aremulti-threading? coding? fixing performance & memory issues? Spring & Hibernate? Java Web services? Big Data, Low Latency …. Each interviewer has his or her pet topic. Good interviewers tend to cover a wide range of topics to judge your experience & analytical skills.

Diagrams make a big difference in grasping & explaining the concepts
JDBC - Adapter Design Pattern

JDBC – Adapter Design Pattern

Java bridge design pattern

Java bridge design pattern

#3. Multiple job offers & increased earning potential

A sharp increase in off-shoring information services to Asia has significantly swelled the oversupply of IT professionals. So, it is a very very competitive market out there and your interviewing, resume writing and job hunting skills must be top-notch to not only have the much needed real job security to find work in any job market, but also to empower yourself to be in a position to choose from multiple job offers and increase your earning potential.

Increasing your Earning Potential as a java developer

Increasing your Earning Potential as a java developer

Once you are confident of attending multiple job interviews and securing multiple offers, you can even consider contracting with the potential to earn 1.5 to 2.0 times the equivalent permanent staff salary. In general, the service based industries like finance/insurance and good software houses have the stringent recruitment process and provide a very rewarding career. Not all contracting jobs are created equal. For example, In Australia they vary from $600/day to 2000.00/day.

#4. 16+ Technical key areas help you go places

Focuses on the 16+ technical key areas of Java development that interviewers love to drill you on. Even if you are not drilled on these 16+ key areas, having a good handle on these key areas will help you “talk the talk at the job interviews” to differentiate yourself from your competition. You can bring up these key areas to open-ended questions like “Tell me about yourself?”, “What are your strengths?”, “How will you go about designing a typical JEE application?”, etc. You can even get the interviewers excited & drawn into a healthy technical conversation as they experience similar challenges. Also, at your regular work, it can earn you a reputation as a “go to person“. Any hard to resolve intermittent production issues like security, performance, memory leak, multi-threading, transaction management, etc seek the attention of the higher management, and gives you a great opportunity to prove your capabilities.

Java Key Areas

Java Key Areas

#5 Get a good handle on the white board sessions to go places ….

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 12.34.54 AM

Learn to draw architectural and conceptual diagrams with proper explanations, alternatives, and pros & cons like the seasoned professionals do.

#6. Good pay masters like conducting coding and written tests

Prepares you for the pre-interview coding and written tests that takes place as part of the initial screening. When the competition gets tough, quantitative screening helps you make a mark even if your resume does not have any “brand name experience”. Software houses like conducting coding and written tests. Also, they generally conduct telephonic screening, written tests and face to face interviews all year around to “know” the right candidates, and once you make it to the pool, they will contact you when a vacancy arises.

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#7. The Q&As approach gives a different perspective to learning

Good developers ask lots of questions. Once you know what questions to ask and keywords to look out for, you always have google.com to find the answers. With experience you assimilate things a lot quicker. Even the most so called experienced developers will struggle if you take google.com away from them. Good developers are paid for their analytical, problem solving, and communication skills. Not for their memorizing ability. Proactively get your regular doses by a topic, key area, category, random, etc . All it takes is to go through a few Q&A whilst stagnating, commuting to/from work, before retiring to bed, etc. The contents are detailed with lots of code and diagrams, but not as verbose as some of the books. So, you will have a good coverage in terms of width (e.g. Java companion technologies, sought-after frameworks, productivity tools, resume writing, job hunting, technical key areas, debugging skills, SDLC, much needed motivation to keep at your goals, etc) and depth.

#8. Java/JEE technologies, frameworks, and tools are very vast

A good road map and a quick reference site with a decent coverage of FAQs & tutorials. Fully categorized & easy to navigate.

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#9. Good technical skills must be complemented with non technical skills & lots of motivation to do things differently

Finally, technical know how is complemented with sample resumes, resume writing tips, job hunting tips, blogging tips, personal branding tips, etc.

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Expand your horizons and go places as a seasoned Java professional with well rounded skill sets.

Freelancing or contracting means professional freedom

Freelancing or contracting means professional freedom

#10. Pro-actively fast-track your career

Proactively learn and apply the fundamentals and the 16+ tech key areas to lift your experience a few notches.

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