This online training is an improved and enhanced from our outdated book: Java/JEE Job Interview Companion (Sold 35,000+ copies) via reviews
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Thanks for your support in extending the membership. I am able to clear the tech interviews and started new job with a bank. I can definitely say that Java success played a major role in my success. — Balakrishna D
I am Naidu, I have 4 years of experience in java/Java EE. Few months back i started attending interviews and brought you book “Core Java Career essentials” and gone through most of the questions. I have cracked more than 10 companies and now i have joined Product based company. I felt very happy and thought of writing a mail to you and you help in the form of blog and book. — Naidu M
Hi Sir, Good Mrng,I am a big fan of you and your approach after reading your Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion book and can proudly say that I got my dream job with a Top tier 1 organization in India after preparing from your book.This eventually landed me in Australia. Wish to stay connected with you – Sai

Hi Arulkumaran/Sivayini,I just wanted to thank both of you for taking huge effort to produce a book which has everything for an interview Though it was reviewed way back in 2007, it still holds excellent.Every time I look to change my job, I go through this book and its like done.You guys have done great work for Java Developers.


“After landing a job I have kept on reading the book and recommend it to all my friends…”– JavaRanch Forum
Hi all,this is the best book one can buy, that gives overall summary of most j2ee, java technologies in a concise manner. it is very helpful for interviews and can be used as a reference. i used this to get 6 jobs in 2 weeks. out of which one is an architect job. kudos to the author.regards — vinodh eth at Code Ranch Book Reviews

Respected Arulkumaran, Thank you for accepting my invite. I have been your long time fan of your Java companion book! I was dejected with my rejections in interview about 8 years ago. I just read around 100 pages from your book and since then I have not flunked my interviews! Vivek via

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I can safely say you’d have to buy probably at least 15 individual books and supplement this with reading articles off the internet to get the equivalent diversity of coverage elsewhere. I used it to validate my acquired knowledge. It’s a good mind jogger and identified a few gaps in my knowledge that I’ve expanded upon. I particularly liked the coverage of Design Patterns throughout the book, especially in the “How would you go about…” section. By Mr. Jeremy

“If you have read the The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, you would enjoy this book too. Is similar about the comfortable pleasure to read this book.” IT Book Zone Review – Manuel Jordan

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