Why I migrated my site from Hostgator to SiteGround?

My subscription based wordpress site “java-success.com” started off very well by hosting on hostgator in Oct 2014, and since then the number of subscriptions and hits increased very drastically. As my needs grew, I had to revise my hosting requirements.

Recently, I became not too happy with “Hostagtor” web hosting support and the site speed. Some tickets took more than 3 days to be acted on. Hence, I was doing a bit of a research and was looking at a few other web hosting companies like InMotion Hosting, SiteGround, and WPEngine for my wordpress site.

I decided to try the hosting companies in the following priority order based on my research and needs. The WPEngine was last on my list as it is more expensive and does not have the cpanel. I got used to using the cpanel.

InMotion Hosting –> SiteGround –> WPEngine

So, one day I decided to sign up with InMotion hosting and their support was much better than “Hostgator” (i.e may be I was a new customer), but they couldn’t transfer my website within the time I had expected, so I cancelled my account and decided to give SiteGround a go. It was a very pleasant experience and my site was transferred not only within a day, but also they responded to my issues very promptly. My site also seems to be faster and more responsive now. I also enabled their free caching plugin, which makes a real difference. It is a bit more expensive, but I was happy to pay extra for a good support as wordpress is not my forte.

I have contacted SiteGround support for a number of different support queries and they responded within 15 minutes. Hope this helps someone who is in the same boat as I am wanting to lift their hosting needs a few notches. It is a bit more pricier, but well worth the migration in my personal experience. The hosting companies do provide a 30 day money back offer, so you can cancel the account if they don’t serve your hosting needs.

All these 4 are quality hosting companies, and you need to try them out to see who meets your expectations in terms of budged, support, features like automatic backup, cpanel, performance, security scanning, etc. For me support is of utmost importance as this is a “subscription based” site with decent size users, and SiteGround currently fill that need.

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