Are you ready for digital recruitment? Can you be found in Google search?

or search for the right reasons of course.

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The traditional paper resumes and in-person interviews are on the way out, and the recruitment process is gearing towards 100% digital. So, as a candidate, you need to shift your efforts towards being discovered in this digital realm. If I type your name on Google search, will it popup in the first page results? How active are you in LinkedIn or professionally on other social medias? Is cold calling dead? Do you “actively look for work” or “passively get approached” by the recruiters and prospective employers? Even by letting your network know that you are “open for new opportunities”. Are phone interviews thing of the past? Are you ready for video interviews and online tests? Did you lie on your resume? Are you ready for biometrics?, and the list of questions go on.

What does 100% digital recruitment entail?

  • The resumes will be replaced by your digital presence (e.g. Blogs, GitHub account, online digital portfolios, digital publications, LinkedIn contributions, etc) and social media profiles.
  • The phone and in-person interviews will be displaced by the video interviews.
  • There will be “cloud based hiring tools” along with innovative assessment and filtering techniques to analyse your talent and personality.
  • Biometrics (i.e. metrics related to human characteristics and traits) will play a major role in predicting the next hire. So, you can’t just say that I am a passionate developer, you need to show. Do you have a GitHub account? Do you blog? Are you on LinkedIn?, etc. Software to deciphering your personality from your tweets, LinkedIn contributions, etc.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly career sites.
  • Talent communities, social referrals, and online assessments/tests.
  • Complex data will be analysed and represented via infographics.
  • There will be 80% passive (i.e. being approached for your talent) and 20% active (i.e. actively looking for work) candidates.
  • Start-up cultures and virtual offices.

How do I increase my digital presence?

  • Blogging
  • Helping fellow professionals via “interest groups”,, and industry specific forums
  • Publishing articles via industry specific forums,, etc
  • Social media to follow, like and subscribe to your professional involvement in the digital space.
  • GitHub and Sourceforge accounts to show off your self-taught projects and open-source contributions.
  • The Power of a Programming Portfolio
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills
  • Your YouTube videos to flaunt you subject matter expertise and communication skills.

How do I get started?

  • Watch a few YouTube Videos on how to get started with blogging, Social media, SEO, etc
  • Create a few accounts on LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress/,,, industry specific forums, etc
  • Subscribe to good industry specific sites and blogs to inform, encourage, and empower you to do things differently.
  • Shift your thinking from certification based learning to continuous digital based learning and contributions. It is naive to believe that some test results will boost your career. Shift your thinking from just growing as a techie to well rounded web entrepreneur. Regularly review and acquire new sets of skills. Be prepared to change career if required.
  • Pick a topic, learn, apply, and let the world know by

    1) Blogging
    2) Helping fellow professionals via LinkedIn “interest groups”.
    3) Publishing articles via industry specific forums.

    You learn more by showing others how to do things as you research more, analyze more, and ask more questions. Whilst learning, you are increasing your digital presence. A catalyst to fast track your career. You will also procrastinate less and may change your habits from aimlessly surfing the net to purposefully creating contents and assisting others in your chosen vocation.

So, the web will be your visual Resume, and how many followers, subscribers, and likes you have will be your references. It will be much easier for the recruiters to conduct online screening via technical tests and video interviews. So, you need to watch out for what you do on the net. Your unique and thought provoking ideas and creations will be quickly recognized and rewarded.

So, put your thinking cap on, and find ways to differentiate yourself

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